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Aikido Aikikai Forum :: Поддержим востановление старого доджо О-Сенсея, которое было разрушено после цунами и землетрясения!
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> Описание: Данные для перечисления пожертвований смотрите в письме Дошу!
Отправлено: 13 Апреля, 2011 - 07:13:42
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Dear friends,
Doshu has decided to restore the Dojo in Iwama, which will take 4–6 months, and it
will be very expensive. Inagaki Sensei have talked to Doshu if it is OK to make an
appeal for donations to support this project. Doshu was very happy about this and
receives all contributions with gratitude.
Like the statue a couple of years ago it is important that as many as possible are
contributing, this is a concern for all Aikidoka, and there is no limit how small
donation. If everybody is giving something, we can be at good help. Please see the
information below.
The Dojo has always been there for us, now we are there for the Dojo. This means
that the Dojo will stand there forever. Aikido students will be able to come in the
future. Therefore I am sending information, and an appeal to donate money to the
renovation, to as many as I know. Now the Dojo will stand forever for future Aikido
Please forward this information to as many addresses as you have.
Yours in Aiki,Ulf

Donations to Restore O´Sensei’s Dojo
As you know, the Founder’s Dojo in Iwama was severely damaged in the earthquake a while ago.
Aikido Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba, has decided to restore the Dojo. This is important, since the Dojo must
be preserved for the future. Together with the Aiki Jinja, it is unique in the Aikido and Budo world. This
is where O´Sensei completed Aikido, and we always have had a close relation to this place.
The restoring will take 4–6 months and is, of course, very expensive. This initiative is taken to appeal to
the Aikido world for financial support, and is supported by Doshu.
Everybody, and all contributions, are welcome. Please send your donation to the following bank account:
Account No: 1015007 (Current Account)
Bank Address:
3-14-5 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan 160-0022
Doshu will receive your good will with gratitude.
Hombu would like to know who made each donation and with what amount (same as O´Senseis statue).
Please forward this message to as many as possible.
Yours in Aiki,
Ulf Evenas
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